From Nature, For Nature

We use non-toxic ingredients like PLA, and cornstarch as well as super strong carbon nano-tech to produce our extremely durable and sustainable material. This all comes from the earth and degrades cleanly back into the earth, with no microplastics and no toxic residue.

Our Material


PLA is a monomer derived from organic renewable sources like sugar. It requires less energy, and emits less greenhouse gas in decomposition than plastic.


Cornstarch is an organic substance that is ethically harvested from corn and biodegrades quickly, without emitting toxic gas.


Graphene is nothing but carbon, one of the building blocks of life. It is what makes our bags so strong without compromising their eco-friendliness.

Bags that break down in weeks, not centuries!

Toraphene bags are Home Compostable meaning that they meet the highest standards of compostability. Our bags will break down in a matter of weeks without producing microplastic or toxic gases or residues.

Using Toraphene Bags

You can use Toraphene bags whichever way you take out your rubbish.

Rubbish Bin

Switching from plastic bin bags to Toraphene keeps more plastic out of landfills.

Compost at Home

Composting at home is a great way to reduce waste - getting started is simple.

Compost Commercially

External compost services offer convenient pick-up options for compostable waste.

A cleaner way to take out your food waste

At Toraphene, we want to make reducing your plastic pollution and carbon footprint as easy as possible. And all without compromising on convenience and performance. By switching to Toraphene you are alleviating the pressure on the environment, while also enjoying bags that are stronger and more leak-proof than plastic!

Strongest Eco Bags