Why Settle?

Stronger Than Plastic

Yet Plastic-Free

Compostable bags that are stronger
than plastic but still good for the earth.

Zero Plastic

Why Settle?

Stronger Than Plastic

Yet Plastic Free

The first compostable bin bag that is stronger than plastic, but still good for the earth!

Compostable Caddy Liners
Compostable Bin Liners
Super Strong Caddy Liners
Strongest Bin Liners

Strongest Eco Bags

NEW - 100 Compostable Caddy Liners (20L)

Sold out

25 Compostable 50L Bin Liners

Sold out

105 Compostable Dog Poo Bags (9"x12")

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Why Toraphene?

Unparalleled Strength

Experience the revolution in compostable bags. With our graphene nano-tech infusion, say goodbye to unexpected tears and embrace the robustness you never thought possible in an eco-friendly bag.

100% Leak-Proof

No more nasty bin sludge or unsightly spills. Our technology ensures a completely leak-proof experience, merging convenience with sustainability in a way you've never seen before.

Compostable & Biobased

Crafted from natural ingredients, our bags not only serve you but also the Earth. Feel at ease knowing every discarded bag returns gracefully to nature, whether in landfill or your backyard.

Unlike any other you've tried

āœ” Easy and convenient to use
āœ” Eliminates bin sludge completely
āœ” Made by scientists in the UK
In contrast to other compostable bin liners, Toraphene is not just eco-friendly, it's also strong and leak-proof for your convenience.
Using compostable bin liners used to be a pain and a chore, having to clean smelly bin sludge after every use.
We believe that you shouldn't have to suffer to live sustainably.
Toraphene bags are BOTH eco-friendly, bio-based & compostable AND stronger than oil-based synthetic plastics.

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Easy & Convenient

So easy to use that it's almost automatic. And with Toraphene you never have to worry about leaky bags and nasty bin sludge ever again.

Step 1.

Tear one Toraphene bin liner off the roll, and place it in your food waste caddy.

Step 2.

Put any food waste you have into your Toraphene lined caddy. We recommend changing bags every 3-4 days, but our bags are leak-proof up to 2 weeks. So, no need to worry about leaks however infrequently you empty your food waste bin.

Step 3.

This is where the magic happens. Empty your food waste caddy, and enjoy the relief of having zero smelly bin sludge to clean up thanks to Toraphene's graphene tech.

Step 4.

Put your food waste either in you own backyard compost heap, or put it out for collection by your local authority, who will take care of composting it for you.

"These are the BEST compostable bags I have ever bought"

Don't just take our word for it

Worth it

Can't believe I'm writing a review about caddy liners - but this is such an upgrade. Never leaks or tears and makes bin juice a thing of the past.

- M. Woolley

Excellent product!

This bag is very strong, in fact it seems stronger than the plastic ones we used before... Brilliant product.

- Mister B

Strong and leak proof

These are the BEST compostable plastic bags I have ever bought... They are strong, silky to the touch and they have prevented leaking into my food caddy bin.

- Jess Lowson

Experience True Eco Strength

NEW - 100 Compostable Caddy Liners (20L)

Sold out

25 Compostable 50L Bin Liners

Sold out

105 Compostable Dog Poo Bags (9"x12")

Sold out
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