Toraphene Packaging FAQ

Can I order samples before placing an order? 

For any special requests regarding samples, please contact


I represent a business. Can I order very large quantities? 

For any business sized requests, please contact


What is your returns policy?

We offer a generous returns policy. In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with any product you have received from us, we will refund or replace with no fuss. If you have any specific concerns regarding quality, please contact


What are your products made from? Are they Vegan? Are they Food Safe?

Our products are made from a blend of plant-based biopolymers and reinforced with nanotechnology for extra strength. This all biodegrades back into nature with the nanotech even acting as fertiliser! They are 100% Vegan and Home Compostable, and they are Food Safe meaning that food that comes in contact with them is still 100% safely edible.


Is it possible to brand Toraphene products?

Branding is an option, but will have a longer lead time and requires discussion. Please contact for any such inquiries.